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Business Development FAQ

Do we supply to distributors and wholesalers only?

Tarramarra accepts orders from online stores, pop-up stores, as well as local retailers.

For those interested in representing our brands:

Tarramarra is actively seeking local distributors in Australia, New Zealand and around the globe. there is no minimum spend per order for Australia and New Zealand customers. Retailers are also welcome to make contact.

Interest in becoming our exclusive distributor for the area?

Tarramarra is currently looking for distributors to represent us. Alternatively, Tarramarra can arrange exclusivity of our product lines to individual retailers or distributors. Please contact us for more info.

Looking to get your own brand?

At Tarramarra we are enthusiasts of our products and pride ourselves to be one of the highest quality brands in the market. We select only the best materials from local Aussie producers. Please contact us if you are interested in an OEM service.

Where is our showroom?

Our showroom is located at 1/39 Hill Road, Wentworth Point, NSW 2127. We also host fashion shows and exhibit our products throughout Australia.

Who will be responsible for marketing?

We have an experienced and friendly marketing team responsible for all marketing and promotional needs.

As a well-known premium brand in Australia. Tarramarra is known and loved by its enduring quality and on-trend fashion designs.
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1/39 Hill Road,
Wentworth Point, NSW, 2127

Phone: +61 2 8385 3415

Email: support@everaustralia.com

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